Associate and retired members in the south west

The Associate and Retired Members Network (ARMs) South West is made up of members in the following postcode areas - BA; BH (Dorset); BS; DT; EX; GL; PL; SN (Wiltshire); SP (Wiltshire); TA; TQ; TR.

Nationally the PCS Associate and Retired Members Network (ARMs) provides services and information for members of the union who have retired or moved on to other jobs where PCS does not operate - “ARMs is an integral part of the body of PCS”.

The network ensures the voice of retired members is heard throughout the union and in the wider political arena and pensioner movement.

As an example ARMs south west is currently affiliated to two National Pensioners Convention (NPC) groups - the Devon and Cornwall Pensioners Convention as well as the Gloucester, Avon and Somerset NPC.  ARMs South West also has representatives attending the following trades union councils – Cornwall; Bridgwater and District; Bristol; Cheltenham and District; Exeter; Mendip; Plymouth and Torbay and South Devon Trades Union Council.

Details of all ARMs south west activities can be obtained from the regional secretary:

  • David Wotton, regional secretary, ARMs south west, PCS south west regional office, 2nd floor, Tony Benn House, Victoria Street, BRISTOL, BS1 6AY
  • E-mail:
  • Tel: 08452 696305

Associate and Retired Members Network
South West Regional Committee 2017/2018

Committee members

  • Ian Chard (Bristol)
  • Ms Catherine Craig (Exeter)
  • Keith Evans (Bristol)
  • Geoffrey Ferguson (Calstock)
  • Mrs Adrienne Purnell (Plymouth)
  • Miss Ann Rhodes (Exeter)
  • Kevin Russell (West Horrington)
  • Simon Smith (Cheltenham)

The ARMs south west regional committee meets four times a year – March, June, September and December with an annual general meeting following the March meeting.

The agreed dates of the 2018/2019 meetings are:

Friday 1 June; Friday 7 September; Friday 7 December and Friday 1 March (2019).  The March 2019 meeting will be followed by the ARMS south west region annual general meeting to which all members living in the south west are invited (see above for the postcodes covered).  All meetings are expected to be held at the White Ensign Club, South Street, EXETER, EX1 1ED.

ARMs members are welcome to attend any ARMs south west regional committee meeting as an observer – regrettably due to financial constraints we are unable to make any contribution towards expenses.  Please let the secretary know if you intend to be present at any of the regional committee meetings.  Formal notice of the annual general meeting will be issued early in 2019.

ARMs south west regional committee members are looking to build good relationships with working branches and are anxious to build bridges by attending any working branch meeting and would welcome an invitation to do so.

PCS members in working branches are welcome to find out more about the Associate and Retired Members Network by visiting the ARMs pages on the PCS website – or by contacting the ARMs south west regional secretary

For the interest of members a copy of the ARMs South West Region Constitution and Rules is attached together with a copy of the Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting and Minutes of the Annual General Meeting both held on 23 March 2018.

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