Save our south coast HMRC offices

The government plans to close all operational Tax Offices along the South Coast, including Exeter, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Canterbury and Maidstone. The Bournemouth and Southampton HMRC Offices, where over 500 jobs could be lost, are planned to close in 2019 and the majority of the others by 2021.

Closing these offices will remove good, quality jobs from local communities and damage local economies by removing the significant spending power of HMRC staff.

These closures will mean that there will no longer be a HMRC presence throughout the whole of the south west region outside of Bristol. It will result in the loss of local tax knowledge built up by staff over decades, making it impossible to effectively collect the taxes needed to fund our public services. It will make it harder to stop disreputable individuals and businesses from breaking the rules, giving them an unfair advantage over those that do abide by our tax laws.

Please support the campaign to keep HMRC jobs local by signing and sharing our Save Our South Coast Petition.

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