Regional committee

The south west regional committee is made up of lay representatives from groups and branches across the south west region.

Regional committee officers:

Richard Capps, chair

Mark Baker, vice chair

Gillian Foxton, vice chair

Roger Thomas, vice chair

Ordinary committee members

  • Christine Cuthbert, DWP Avon branch
  • Hannah David, English Heritage (reserved seat)
  • Louise Evans, DWP Wiltshire
  • Andy Forster, R&C Cornwall, Devon and Somerset
  • Sue Francis, BIS South West
  • Levoy Getton, DWP Avon (reserved seat)
  • Berewyn Long, R&C Dorset Harbourside
  • Pete McMahon, DSg West Country
  • Paul Samuels, Land Registry Gloucester
  • Ian Williams, R&C Bristol West Country

Delegates to South West TUC:

  • Hannah David
  • James Davies
  • Gillian Foxton
  • Matt Hollinshead
  • Roger Thomas


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