PCS National Pay Ballot 2019 - Vote Now!

12 Apr 2019

For members in Acas, BEIS Core Department, Insolvency Service and UIK Space Agency.

Pay Ballot

The PCS national pay ballot started on 18 March  2019, and closes on 29 April 2019.

If you have already voted, then thank you for supporting your union’s campaign.

If you have not yet voted, then please do so as soon as possible. It's vital that you make your voice heard.

The pay of civil servants has fallen behind the rest of the public sector over the last ten years because of the government’s pay freeze and the 1% pay cap.

PCS has submitted a national pay claim to try to help members make up lost ground.

The claim is:

  1. A cost of living consolidated pay increase for all workers in the civil service and related bodies of 10%
  2. A minimum underpin of £2,400,
  3. A living wage of £10 and hour and £11.55 in London
  4. National Pay Bargaining across the civil service
  5. Equal pay and coherence of pay, terms and conditions across the civil service
  6. Full funding for the claim without detrimental changes to terms & conditions


As members know, there has been no noticeable pay progression for some years now.

Large numbers of members are stuck near the bottom of their pay bands with no prospect of getting to the max of the scale, which is the max is the rate for the job. This is not acceptable, and members can show their anger on this issue by voting in the PCS National Pay Ballot. This will show the strength of feeling among members on pay, as well as demonstrating that members are willing to do something about it!

A vote that achieves the 50% turnout threshold will strengthen our position in pay talks with Government, as well as strengthening our position on all other issues with the employer, like jobs, offices etc.

Valued in the civil service?

A letter was sent to civil servants on 1 April from the head of the civil service Mark Sedwill and Civil service CEO John Manzoni which “puts on record our own appreciation for what you do”.

The letter says they spoke on behalf of Permanent Secretaries who make up the Civil Service Board, and it praised staff for rising every day to “an almost unprecedented set of challenges”.

However, it didn’t mention pay

PCS is asking “do you feel valued in the civil service?”

Do you feel that “the perseverance, dedication and skill of civil servants” is understood and respected?

Make them hear you, vote in the PCS pay ballot and vote YES

The last day for posting ballot papers so that they arrive before the deadline (29 April 2019) is Wednesday 24 April 2019.

If you haven’t already voted, please do so and post it back straight away.

Encourage your PCS colleagues to also vote Yes before Wednesday April 24 2019.

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