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PCS staff in the Scotland & NI hub are still working to provide PCS members with support and advice. The office premises at John Smith House, 145-165 West Regent Street, Glasgow will be closed from Monday 23 March until further notice.  

General queries can be emailed to scotland@pcs.org.uk or belfast@pcs.org.uk. All calls to the office landline number are being redirected to staff mobiles. 

If you have any branch officers who are ill or self-isolating, please update the regional office via email address shown above with your new contact so that we can pass members to the right person for them. 

Members of staff in PCS have mobile phones which you can use to reach us on during working hours, or via email. 

Contact details for the team can be found below:

Cat Boyd                        07753 246039                    

Alan Brown                    07565 706994

Joy Dunn                        07707 311589

Helen Flanagan             07765 067204

Cheryl Gedling               07771 932216

Ruby Gibson                  07717 196436

Jenni Gunn                    07564 209411

Alex Lawrie                    07521 310132

Fiona Low                      07872 677177

Linsay MacKenzie          07824 904198

Scot MacQueen             07933 046581

Gayle Matthews             07791 889279

Danny Williamson          07867 724812

This is a difficult and uncertain time for us all but we will ensure that your union continues to fight for your interests. 

PCS Scotland is a national region within the union with five full time officers, one temporary project worker, five organising officers and an operations manager/education officer.

Details of our facilities and the work of our team can be found on these pages.

PCS Scotland provides bargaining support mostly to areas that fall within the remit of Scottish Ministers.

Our union has a high learning, organising and campaigning profile in Scotland.

We are affiliated to the Scottish Trades Union Congress, and play an active role in labour movement campaigns throughout Scotland.

You can contact us at scotland@pcs.org.uk

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