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120th STUC Congress takes place between Monday 24 April and Wednesday 26 April 2017 at the Macdonald Aviemore Resort, Aviemore.

Day 1: Monday 24 April

AGS Chris Baugh in the first debate at STUC congress on BREXIT:

"While we engage in the complex process of withdrawal from EU, all cuts planned must be halted immediately to allow for discussions on the staffing and the resources that the civil service requires.”

Lynn Henderson PCS National Officer speaking in the Fair Work debate:

"Any Government that advocates fair work needs to examine how they treat their own staff, not good enough to support fair work when 20% of jobs have been cut across the Scottish sector."

National Vice President, John McInally moving the motion on organising:

"Union membership brings the greatest financial benefits for young worker, with 16-24 year old union members earning on average a third more than their non union couterparts. When strong active unionism declines, therefore, so does the standard of living for all citizens."

Day 2: Tuesday 25 April

PCS delegate Steve West speaks in the debate on DWP office closures:

"Shutting job centres means that claimants will be forced to travel further at their own cost to get to a job centre. They could face a higher risk of sanctions if they are late due to the longer journey. Cramming claimants into fewer job centres will make it harder for for there to be private and discreet conversations."

Day 3: Wednesday 26 April

PCS delegate Gordon Thompson-Maclean moves the motion on Fair Work:

"Every year Scottish Workers face low wages, exorbitant housing costs, and energy prices that have increased by an average of 33% since 2007, and food prices have risen in real terms by 12% since 2010. Wages haven't stagnated though, they have actually relatively decreased significantly over the years, which has lead to a cost of living crisis for Scottish families. Yet the attacks on the value of wages continues: child care costs continue to outstrip the majority of other household bills."

PCS delegate Bobby Young speaks in the debate on domestic abuse:

"A progressive trade union movement has to be at the forefront of class campaigns and as such has to be at the forefront of eradicating domestic abuse".



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