Structure and organisation

PCS is a democratic union, run by members for members.

In Scotland we have one major body overseeing the union's work: the Scotland committee.

The Scotland committee is made up of lay activists representing branches across Scotland.

The PCS Scotland committee has agreed to set up town committees to co-ordinate national campaigns across Scottish employers and branches in key centres.

Scotland committee

The Scotland committee is elected annually at the PCS Scotland annual  meeting. This was last held on Friday 23 June 2017. The 2018 AGM  will be held on Friday 22 June 2018.

Members of the Scotland committee oversee the strategic priorities of PCS Scotland receive reports from PCS Scotland's full-time officers on organising, learning, campaigning and external relations. 

The committee also co-ordinates PCS Scotland's work with the Scottish parliament, Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) and Scottish based bodies and institutions including those organisations to which PCS is affiliated. 

It also advises on the priorities for PCS Scotland in recruitment, organisation, learning services and education within the national PCS strategies.

Scottish Sector

The Scottish Sector brings together in Scotland those branches that are within the responsibility of Scottish Government, which include staff of associated departments, executive agencies and NDPBs.

Town committees

The PCS Scotland committee agreed to set up town committees to co-ordinate national campaigns across Scottish employers and branches in key centres. 

The PCS parliament, campaigns, media and research officer, has overall campaigning responsibility.

Town committee meetings are informal and open to all members who would like to come along, not just branch officers and branch executive committee members. 

The town committees have been meeting to plan for the national campaign.

Further meetings are being arranged to pull together local strategies, and events will be publicised on the relevant pages with details of dates, times and venues for meetings.

Aberdeen town committee

Dundee town committee

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Edinburgh town committee

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Glasgow town committee

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