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This booklet was compiled from individual PCS members testimonies which highlight the impact of Scottish Ministers pay policy on individuals and their families.

We also presented this booklet to MSPs at a parliamentary drop-in during the week of the Scottish Budget in December.  The booklet can be downloaded from this page.

'Devastating' HMRC closure plan must be subject to parliamentary review

On Thursday, 12 November the HMRC Executive Committee (ExCom) announced its future location strategy. This included proposals to close the current 170 HMRC offices and cut these to 13 large Regional Centres in Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, and two in London (Croydon and Stratford), plus 4 "Specialist Sites".

PCS opposes the closure plan proposals, we do not feel that a service run from larger Regional Centres will be better than with large national coverage.

We fear that the disruption to the UK's essential tax collection capability will be severe. Also, there are major concerns with the negative impact on local employment and local economies.

PCS is extremely concerned that these proposals have received no Parliamentary Scrutiny at all, and it is demanding that they now receive such scrutiny before they go any further.

PCS is also asking and expecting that HMRC will now enter in proper consultation with PCS on the principle and impact of their change proposals.

For the latest news on the HMRC story visit the PCS website

Read the BBC list of office closure dates.

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NHS 'sell-off'

Your NHS has been quietly transformed into a business ready for corporate takeover and conversion to the American private insurance model. In 'Sell-Off', filmmaker Peter Bach exposes the two decade covert privatisation which has occurred without public mandate and against the public interest.

This film is about a group of doctors trying to save the NHS. Please watch and share the video.

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