Make Your Vote Count in Scotland

Make Your Vote Count in the 2017 General Election

PCS Scotland has written to all the party leaders and asked them to respond to the following key questions.

If elected will your party;

  1. Support investment in HMRC, oppose office closures to stop tax evasion and avoidance?
  2. Support civil and public sector workers and work to break the 1% pay cap?
  3. Support the principal of universal entitlement to welfare paid through taxation and oppose the implementation of welfare cuts and oppose the DWP programme of office closures?
  4. Campaign for well-funded public services and oppose and reverse privatisation?
  5. Campaign for a programme of social and economic inclusion and equality for all citizens and against racism, homophobia and sectarianism?

You can see which parties replied and what they said by clicking here.

We also contacted individual candidates to ask them to answer YES or NO to the following question: If elected, will you support an end to the 1% public sector pay cap? Find out if your candidates responded by clicking here. 



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