Organising and recruitment

PCS's national organising strategy in Scotland

Branch organisers

One of the most important factors required to achieve the aims and objectives of the national organising strategy is to have trained organisers in place in each branch to work with the branch committee and members to get branches healthy and better organised.

Most of our Scottish branches now have an organiser in place.

If your branch does not have an organiser, please contact the Industrial Officer with responsibililty for your bargaining area or alternatively call PCS Scotland on 0141 225 5150.

Find out who to contact for your Bargaining area in Scotland.

Scottish sector recruitment - new leaflet

A new recruitment leaflet for members in the Scottish sector bargaining areas is now available online and hard copies are available by contacting or ordering by telephoning the Scotland office on 0141 225 5150.

The leaflet clearly sets out why people should join PCS and also puts at the forefront our most recent success in securing equal pay for agency workers across a number of employers.

PCS successes in Scottish sector include

  • Secured a no redundancy guarantee
  • Won the Scottish living wage
  • Campaigned successfully for the living wage to be extended to contract workers including low paid staff at the National Museums shops
  • Defend weekend payments at the National Galleries
  • Ensured better protection for the lower paid during austerity
  • Won equal pay for Agency temps in Scottish Government


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