Scottish Sector Pay Claim 2020-21

 The pay claim outlined below is on behalf of our members in the Scottish Sector for the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

The detailed points of the claim are:

  1. All unions are seeking substantial pay increases for members in 2020 which deliver (a) increases in basic pay and all fixed cash allowances at least equal to RPI which ensures inflation proofing of earnings plus (b) a substantial additional increase in pay to  begin the process of restoration of lost earnings for our members in 2020 as promised by ministers in 2018 and subsequently. (PCS calculates that to achieve our aims would require a pay increase of 10% with a cash underpin of £2500)
  2. An increase in the current living wage to reflect our ongoing concerns with low pay (PCS believe this should be set at a minimum of £12 per hour or £23177 pa) from 1 April 2020 and to be extended to all Government contracts. All employers in the Scottish Government main bargaining unit should as a minimum attain Living Wage Accredited Status.
  3. Payment of progression in full and shorter journey times
  4. Confirmation of continuation of the No Compulsory Redundancy Guarantee
  5. A reduction in the working week for all staff. (PCS believe that this should be a reduction to 4 days (28 hours) without loss of pay)
  6. 30 days leave on entry
  7. Pay Coherence across the Scottish Sector (which would help reduce the risk of discrimination in pay and conditions across the sector)
  8. Equality as Central Feature of Pay Determination with Regular Equal Pay Audits and a full Equal Pay review of the pay and grading system every three years with a commitment to close the gender pay gap by 2030
  9. Full implementation of the Dudley judgement on Holiday Pay and Overtime with payments backdated at least 2 years where this is not in place.
  10. All service related benefits are available to all staff within 5 years or less.

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