Scottish Sector Pay Campaign 2019-2020

Last year, the 1% cap was finally scrapped, thanks to the action taken by PCS members- particularly the turnout and result in the consultative ballot in October 2017. But this year, we want Derek Mackay, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work to deliver on his promises.

In the foreword to the public sector pay policy document last year and in subsequent meetings with the civil service unions, the Cabinet Secretary and the First Minister have both acknowledged that last year’s policy was part of a ‘pay journey’ and an “important direction of travel” towards restoring ten years of lost pay. We must hold them to that commitment. 

Our demands for pay are clear, it must deliver the following:-

  • Inflation-proofed pay rise,
  • A journey to restoration,
  • Additional support for lower paid,
  • Fully funded and applied consistently,
  • Pay coherence for the civil service family employers (SG, RoS, SPS, SCTS, COPFS),
  • Reduction in the working week.

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