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As you read this, we will gave reached the end of both National Executive Committee (NEC) and DWP Group Executive Committee (GEC) elections. The NEC elections are postal only and you should have received a ballot paper to your ballot address and, if you have a personal email address registered with PCS, your vote in the GEC elections will have been electronic. You should have had an email from by now. I hope you took the opportunity to vote in both elections and had your say over who runs your union.
The National Executive Committee have agreed to put a motion to conference calling for a statutory ballot on Pay and every member who is eligible will be encouraged to vote. It is no longer enough to just win a ballot, we must also beat the 50% turnout threshold introduced by the Tories. We came very close with our consultative ballot in 2017 but that included online voting which we cannot use in a statutory ballot. So we really need every member to vote in this important ballot.

In the DWP some members didn’t vote because they felt that DWP is different due to the Employee Deal. It is clear that with the increase in inflation, Employee Deal or not, if we want better pay for all, we must play a big part in the national pay campaign and force this government to find additional funds for decent pay.  
Both PCS elections and pay ballots are an important part of the democratic process to give members a choice and a say. Read more in this issue about voting and participation in our Get Ballot Ready article and make sure that you and your colleagues are getting involved. Working together we can make a big difference.  
This edition also contains the Annual Report so please have a read about all the things your GEC has been involved in during 2017 on your behalf.

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