Produce motions, nominations and elections at AGMs


A motion is a form of words which gives an instruction to a union branch (or group/national executive) on an issue a member feels strongly about. It may relate to a local workplace, employers or union policy or a political issue.

Motions should be proposed and seconded by individual members of the branch.  Additionally, motions may be put to AGMs by the agreement, at properly convened meetings, of the BEC (branch executive committee) and in advance of the advertised deadline for submission. 

A GEC or the NEC (National Executive Committee) may, on some occasions, ask branches to put motions to AGMs, normally around key campaigning and bargaining issues.

Branches are encouraged to debate motions:

  • dealing with local issues which can be taken forward by the incoming BEC
  • on Group issues that will be submitted to group conference and taken forward by the incoming group executive committee (GEC)
  • on National issues that will be submitted to annual delegate conference and taken forward by the incoming NEC

There is a official form for submitting motions to the AGM. Motions to group and ADC must be submitted on the official form and signed by the chair and secretary of the branch and be received in the group/national office on the closing date set out in your group/national briefings.


Nominations for national and group elections are called for early each January.  The closing date for nominations is normally early in March. Nominations must be received at the group office/national conference arrangements office on the official nomination form, sent to branch secretaries. These must be signed by the chair and secretary of the nominating branch.

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