Eurocadres – a European trade union body for managers and professionals

Currently in Europe almost 20% of employees hold professional or managerial posts.  There are more than 5 million professionals and managers in Europe. Many are members of national trade unions who specifically represent professional and managerial staff or they are amongst a wider membership. They come from all branches of private industry and the civil and public sector services.

EUROCADRES is the European representative organisation of the Council of European professional and managerial staff. It is a trade union body which seeks to bridge the gap, across Europe, between those with professional and management positions.

It also has a key role in the social dialogue of Europe, in partnership with, amongst others, the ETUC. It has the right to voice the opinions and represent the interests of both managers and professionals in all forums within the European Union.

In practise this means that when issues relating to sustainable pensions, working time directives or other major working conditions are raised, Eurocadres is at the forefront of presenting the views of its members.

To do this it:

  • Organises debate and identifies political positions
  • Encourages the trans-national, trans-sector exchange of opinions and ideas
  • Creates projects that assist with the development of ideas and positions on important issues
  • Seeks, using the information gained from the above, to establish positions through informed debate during their executive committee meetings.

It then also:

  • Lobbies politicians in support of those positions
  • Participates in official hearings and other public opportunities to raise awareness of the issues and positions taken.

So how does the PMA fit into this structure?

The PCS has, as an individual union, chosen to affiliate to Eurocadres. The PMA, as the forum for professional and management-graded staff, is uniquely able to assist both the PCS and Eurocadres in creating debate and helping to form opinion on issues that directly relate to our members.

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