PSg constitution

1. The PCS Public Sector group (PSg) covers those bargaining areas which are not covered by other parts of the Union’s representational structure i.e. Employer Groups or Occupational Associations.

2. The objectives and purposes of the group are to:

  • Assist PCS in protecting and promoting the interests of members
  • Facilitate the exchange of bargaining information and good practice
  • Provide the opportunity for networking and mutual support
  • Assist with recruitment, education, training and organisation
  • Co-operate with the NEC in the conduct of the Union’s affairs
  • Liaise with other PCS Forums and Bargaining Units
  • Keep such records, and render such returns and information as the NEC may require.

3. The constituencies of the Public Sector group will be made up of the following categories.

a) Branches as defined in paragraph 1, which come under the statutory or financial control of the Scottish Parliament.

b) Branches as defined in paragraph 1, which come under the statutory or financial control of the Welsh Assembly.

c) All other branches as defined in paragraph 1.

4. Branches covered by the group will meet at an annual group conference once a year. Theconference may be linked to when the Group Conferences and National Delegate Conference are held.

The group Committee will take due notice of the priorities expressed at the annual conference and provide a report back to branches in the form of an annual report, to be published before conference.

5. Representation from branches at the group conference will be based on branch membership as follows:Up to 250 members - 1 delegate251 members and more - 2 delegates

6. There will be provision for trainees to attend the annual conference.

7. Work associated directly to the group, subject to the overriding of the National Executive Committee, and the PCS rules and constitution, will be undertaken by a group Committee.

The group Committee will consist of a president, vice president, secretary (who will be a fulltime officer of the union appointed by the general secretary), a treasurer and 12 committee members.

8. The posts of president, vice president and treasurer will be elected at the annual group conference based on nominations from branches within the Public Sector group and by means of a ballot of all branch representatives present.

9. There will be two reserved seats for Scotland and one for Wales.These reserved seats will be elected by Scottish and Welsh Public Sector group branches as defined in 3a and 3b, by a ballot of eligible delegates attending the respective AGMs of the PCS Scotland and PCS Wales Committees.

These elections may be delegated to a separate meeting of PSg delegates with the agreement of the UK PSg Officers.

10. Nine group committee members representing, and from within, the other branches, as defined in paragraph 3c, will be elected at the annual group conference, based on nominations from those branches and by means of a ballot of delegates present from those branches.

11. The aim of the Public Sector group is that representation on the group committee should properly reflect the diversity of the membership of the whole group.

If, but for this rule, none of the seats on the committee would be filled by a member who on being nominated for election identified themselves as being from one of the following designated groups:

  • member of a black racial group
  • young member
  • lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender member
  • disabled member
  • woman member

The highest polling member of those elected under paragraph 10 who did so identify themselves will displace the member with the fewest votes who did not identify themselves as being from that designated group (out of those who would otherwise be elected), unless this will result in there being no member from another designated group, in which case they will displace the next lowest polling member.

This rule will be subject to review after not more than three elections.

12. The group will have a budget from which it will meet the costs of group Committee meetings, the annual conference and a group journal.

13. The group Committee will meet at least 3 times a year.

14. There will be an annex to the constitution, regularly updated, which lists all the branches in the group.

(Amended 25 November 2008)

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