PSg hardship fund

By its very nature taking official industrial action can mean varying degrees of hardship. The Public Sector group (PSg) has a fund to assist with members’ financial difficulties as a result of taking strike action. 

Solidarity, not charity

The fund is open to members at all grades. Applications will be considered solely on the basis of the member’s individual circumstances and financial commitments at the time, and not on their grade or annual rate of pay. 

How to apply

An application form should be completed by the applicant and the branch chair/secretary or other authorised branch officer.


1) Complete page 1 of the form and ask your branch officer to sign confirming you are:

  • a PCS member
  • you were engaged in official industrial action
  • you had pay deducted as a result

2) Complete page 2 of the form giving further information – it will be treated in confidence by the PSg officers.

When providing further information, you should outline in as much detail as possible the particulars of the financial difficulty experienced, attaching any relevant evidence to support the application. 

Factors contributing to disproportionate financial difficulties could include caring or other heavy financial responsibilities.

The impact of the loss of pay could also be greater as a result of your working pattern. You should detail what assistance you are requesting and what it will do to alleviate the difficulties. 

For example: 

A single parent working two compressed days weekly, one of which fell on a strike day. As a result of losing half a week’s salary, (s)he has been unable to pay the childminder. The request for assistance might therefore be for a payment to enable the childminder costs to be reimbursed. Evidence of the bill etc would be submitted to support the claim. 

3) Sign and date the form - retaining a copy. 

Please check before posting that:

  • you and a branch officer have signed the form
  • you have provided all relevant information, including the amount requested.

You will receive an acknowledgement and a full response as soon as possible depending on numbers received. Please include contact details phone number or e-mail address in the event further clarification is required. 

Post the original to: 

Sian Boyles, Public Sector group secretary
Private and confidential
Public and Commercial Services Union
Transport House, 2nd floor
1 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HA

Branch officers 

You must authorise the application by signing page 1 of the form to confirm that the information on the page is correct.

There is no requirement for you to read or comment on the contents of the application as this can remain confidential between the member and the fund’s administrators. 

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