Recruitment and inductions

From this page you can download some useful documents for recruiting non members and doing inductions.

Materials to assist recruitment of new apprentices and new staff
Including a booklet for recruiting new members, an induction guide for branch reps and an induction PowerPoint presentation.

PCS Recruitment Update - Make Recruitment of non-members your priority
Recruiting non-members and increasing our membership density continues to be the overriding priority for the union and the DWP Group Executive Committee (GEC).

Recruiting non members
Recruiting non-members is a top priority for PCS and any measure that increases the ability of reps to have access to non-members is helpful.

How to do inductions
PCS has the right to meet new staff and ask them to join PCS.

ERF paragraph 149 - Trade union recruitment
Trade union recruitment of non-members outside of inductions is classed as trade union activity and may be agreed with the site manager.

Recruitment and organising in the DWP - make it your priority.
This briefing is about the importance of recruiting non-members to PCS and union organising in the DWP.

Letter to fixed term contract staff and apprentice staff
Some frequently asked questions in relation to FTA and apprentice staff.

Apprentices application form
A form for apprentice staff who want to join the PCS.

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