Regional Information

Regional Texting System

The regional office is now able to send text alerts to reps. This is a particularly useful tool as reps are also able to reply to the text. Your responses come through to us via the southwestregion email account. To be added to the circulation list please send the following details to

  • Name
  • Branch
  • Workplace
  • Personal mobile number

NB: Please DO NOT provide us with work mobile numbers as the information we send may be about campaigning issues such as strike action.

Personal email addresses

Due to the increasing volume of campaigning information that will be coming your way, the regional office has asked branch secretaries to consider whether it would be suitable for us to begin sending PCS information personal email accounts as opposed to your GSI/work addresses.

If you are able to access your personal email accounts regularly, the regional office would suggest using them as the primary source of communication. 

If you would like PCS info to be sent to your home account, please forward your details to your rep.

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