Branch treasurers' toolkit

Branch Treasurers' Briefing

Download and read the Branch Treasurers' Briefing 2019

Spreadsheets and forms

Accounts for guidance notes

A brief guide on how to complete the end of year branch accounts, which should be read in conjunction with the guidelines on branch expenditure below and the guide for treasurers and auditors.

Download and read the accounts form guidance notes.

Branch accounts form

All branches should complete the end of year accounts form to show their income and expenditure during the calendar year, from January to December. The form should be submitted to headquarters by 31 March to ensure that your funding continues from April. Any expenditure outside of national guidelines shown in your accounts will be deducted from your funding (please see the guidelines on branch expenditure below).

Download and read the branch accounts form 2019.

Branch funding application form

This form has to be used by all branches that are applying for funding. The form will be considered by the funding sub-committee of the NEC, so you will need to ensure that both sides are fully completed and a brief letter explaining the individual circumstances of your branch would be very helpful. There will need to be strong reasons submitted for any increase in funding, please see the treasurers' briefing.

Download and read the branch funding application form 2020

Download and read the additional branch funding application form 2020

Branch Treasurers' Spreadsheet

This is a useful tool for treasurers. It will, for example, automatically total your annual accounts on the appropriate end of year accounts form, as well as providing all the necessary accounting sheets and forms for branch treasurers.

Download and read the branch treasurers spreadsheet 2019. and a 2019 aide memoir.

Downloand and read the branch treasurers spreadsheet 2020 and a 2020 aide memoir

Expenses guidance and policy

This guidance primarily explains longstanding PCS practice on expenses and draws together information contained in various different documents. It also clarifies a range of issues that are frequently referred to the PCS Finance Department and the PCS auditors.

Download and read the PCS Expenses Policy & Guidance

Expenses forms

Travel and subsistence expenses form

This form should be used, with the guidance notes on the reverse, by all members claiming travel and subsistence on PCS business. All claims should be submitted to your branch or group treasurer within three months of incurring the expense, as any claims submitted after this deadline may not be paid.

2018 Travel & Subsistence claim form

Telecommunications and other expenses form

This form should be used to claim any telecommunications costs or any other expenses incurred on PCS business, apart from travel and subsistence. Please read the guidance notes on the reverse for clarification and note that this form can not be used to claim travel and subsistence, this would need to be claimed on the travel and subsistence expenses form.

 2017 Telecommunications & other claim form

Advance claim form

This form should be used where members need to claim an advance to enable them to attend meetings on PCS business. Please note that all advances can only be cleared by a subsequent claim form with all the relevant receipts attached. All advances should be cleared within a month of the expenditure being occurred and within a maximum of three months.

 2017 Advance claim form

Branch treasurers' guidance

Guidelines on branch expenditure

This briefing highlights the areas that should either not be financed by branch funding, or that need special authorisation from headquarters prior to expenditure. Treasurers should bring these guidelines to the attention of all branch officers and their branch executive committee.

Download and read the branch expenditures guidelines

Guide for treasurers and auditors

The guide for treasurers and auditors is the key document setting out the roles of treasurers and auditors and how branch accounting and auditing should be undertaken. The guide covers all aspects of branch accounting including operating your cash book, petty cash and receipt books. It also sets out how to undertake bank reconciliation, and prepare your statement of accounts and balances.

Download and read the treasurers and auditors guide

Procedures for members' medical report fees

This guidance aims to clarify the circumstances where PCS is able to assist with such costs and how reps (and members) can make a claim for such support.

Download and read the 2011 branch medical fees briefing

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