Group treasurers

Spreadsheets and forms

Group treasurers' briefing

This briefing sets out how to bid for group funding and the timetable for submitting the group accounts.

Download and read the 2019 group treasurer briefing

Good practice guide for group treasurers

Download and read the good practice guide for group treasurers

Group funding bid form

If your group is required to bid for funding you will need to complete all sides of this form, including the explanatory sheets, and send it to PCS funding team, 160 Falcon Road, London SW11 2LN, or email it to

Download the group funding application form 2020

Download the group additional funding application form 2020 which should be used from June to December.

Group accounts form

You will need to submit this form, with all of your Group's books by recorded delivery by 28 February to:

Internal Audit
160 Falcon Road, 
London SW11 2LN, .

Please include any electronic spreadsheets you have on a USB stick or email them to

Download the group accounts form 2019

Group treasurers' spreadsheet

This is a useful tool for group treasurers. It will, for example, automatically total your annual accounts on the appropriate end of year accounts form, as well as providing all the necessary accounting sheets and forms.

Download the group treasurers spreadsheet 2020

CTM (Redfern) booking

CTM Travel should only be used by groups in discussion with your group treasurer, this facility is not available for branches.

How to book

PCS expenses guidance and policy

This guidance primarily explains longstanding PCS practice on expenses and draws together information contained in various different documents. It also clarifies a range of issues that are frequently referred to the PCS Finance Department and the PCS auditors.

Download and read the PCS Expenses Policy and Guidance

Travel and subsistence expenses form

This form should be used, with the guidance notes on the reverse, by all members claiming travel and subsistence on PCS business. All claims should be submitted to your branch or group treasurer within three months of incurring the expense, as any claims submitted after this deadline may not be paid.

Download the 2018 Travel & Subs form

Telecommunications and other expenses form

This form should be used to claim any telecommunications costs or any other expenses incurred on PCS business, apart from travel and subsistence. Please read the guidance notes on the reverse for clarification and note that this form can not be used to claim travel and subsistence, this would need to be claimed on the travel and subsistence expenses form.

Download the 2017 Telecommunications & other claim form

Advances claim form

To be used in discussion with your group treasurer, all advances should normally be repaid within one month, or three months at the outside, as per the NEC three month ruling on expense claim time limits.

2017 Advance claim form


Group treasurers' documents

Guide for group treasurers

This guide sets out the roles and responsibilities of group treasurers and can be used as a reference point.



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