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"Half of UK carbon emissions are produced by work activity. Workplaces burn energy, consume resources and generate waste and travel." Greening the Workplace, TUC Workplace Manual 2012

On these pages you'll find news, tips and useful information, campaigns and PCS policy on green issues such as climate change, energy, waste and recycling.

We believe that green or sustainable workplaces should also take on board wider issues such as ethical investment, fair trade and workers' rights.

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Jobs and Climate Conference: Planning for a future which doesn't cost the earth

Saturday March 10, London

Registration: 10am-10.45am, conference start 10.45, conference finish 5pm

Tackling the climate crisis needs workers to build a world fit for the future. Yet the narrative of ‘jobs versus environment’ is still heard across the political spectrum, derailing the action we urgently need.

This conference, organised by the Campaign against Climate Change Trade Union Group, aims to challenge the false choice of good jobs versus the environment. Instead of settling for this, there is both an urgent need for action on climate change and a real opportunity for trade unionists to be at the forefront of campaigning for a transition. One which puts the needs of the planet, decent jobs and social justice at the top of the political agenda.

The conference, for trade unionists and others interested in the issues, will be an opportunity to hear from trade unionists, scientists, environmental activists and others about the issues; and to learn from grassroots action today as well as debating a vision for the future.

Among a range of speakers will be PCS Assistant General Secretary, Chris Baugh, and PCS Avaiation Group President Tahir Latif.

Two Plenary Sessions:

1. Jobs versus the Environment, challenging a false choice.

2. Planning for a just transition - a future which doesn't cost the earth

Followed by range of workshops to include:

  •     Jobs and Climate: Challenging a false choice
  •     What is happening to our planet and why this is a trade union issue
  •     Planning for a National Climate Service today
  •     Climate and Women: Women on the frontline
  •     Environmental Reps: campaigning for change in the workplace
  •     Food and Agriculture – is a sustainable food system possible?
  •     Climate Refugees: Understanding the issues for the trade union movement
  •     Planning for Just Transition – taking inspiration from the past and present

Workshops will also be led by key trade union and environmental campaigns: The Greener Jobs Alliance, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy and The Lucas Plan

Tickets available via Eventbrite page


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PCS is part of a growing movement demanding economic, social, and environmental justice for workers and communities for unionised zero carbon economy.

There are many ways to get involved on climate issues: at the workplace becoming a green rep, raising through trades councils and anti-cuts groups, attending meetings and joining local campaigns.

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