Green workplaces

"Half of UK carbon emissions are produced by work activity. Workplaces burn energy, consume resources and generate waste and travel." Greening the Workplace, TUC Workplace Manual 2012

On these pages you'll find news, tips and useful information, campaigns and PCS policy on green issues such as climate change, energy, waste and recycling.

We believe that green or sustainable workplaces should also take on board wider issues such as ethical investment, fair trade and workers' rights.

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3-4 November, Milton Keynes

At this year's PCS Green Forum delegates will have the opportunity to discuss how we can build our union’s work on climate change and environmental issues from fracking to plastics pollution.

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Object to government proposed changes to planning rules on fracking!

The UK government is consulting the public on plans to take decisions on fracking companies applications to drill out of the hands of local communities, by changing the rules on "permitted development".  Fracking is a health risk to communities and workers. It also risks contaminating water supplies and perpertuates the reliance on fossil fuels when we urgently need to decarbonise our economy to avoid the worst impacts of climate change - in the UK and globally. 

At the Trade Union Congress 2018, unions supported a moratorium on fracking in England (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have already effectively 'banned' fracking). As trade unionists let's send a strong message to Government that we want good unionised jobs as part of building a zero-carbon, sustainable, economy such as in developing publicly owned renewable energy.  See below on how we can use our natural renewable resources to create climate jobs - jobs that lower greenhouse gas emissions.

You can access the full public consultation document here. The Campaign Against Climate Change has put together some resources to help with submissions which you can access here.

Closing date for responses is 11:45pm on 25 October 2018.

For further information or queries please contact

Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre say no to fracking; yes to climate jobs!

PCS, the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) and climate/environmental allies are starting work on a plan for climate jobs as an alternative to fracking.

In the coming months, we will work with trade unionists, academics, campaigners and anyone who wants to get involved in developing the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre climate jobs plan - a plan that gives all workers a pay rise and a real future. Find out more or volunteer to get involved, contact




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PCS is part of a growing movement demanding economic, social, and environmental justice for workers and communities for unionised zero carbon economy.

There are many ways to get involved on climate issues: at the workplace becoming a green rep, raising through trades councils and anti-cuts groups, attending meetings and joining local campaigns.

If you're thinking of becoming a PCS green rep, or you are new to the role, contact to find out how the union can support you in your role.  This includes putting you in touch with other green reps in your region.

To find out more about PCS's green work and to sign-up to the PCS green e-news bulletin, please email

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