Ethical consumer

“By buying ethically, you send support directly to progressive companies while at the same time depriving companies that put profits before principles.” Ethical Consumer magazine

Many environmentally friendly and fairly traded products are now finding their way into the shops - manufacturers are responding to rising demand and ethical products are no longer a ‘niche’ market.

Research carried out by the Co-op Bank shows that over 60 per cent  of people in the UK consider ethical issues when shopping.

According to Ethical Consumer magazine, we now spend over £30 billion a year in the UK on ethical products  - though this is still only a small proportion of total annual household expenditure (over £600 billion a year).

Sales of fairtrade products are now running at nearly £300m a year, vegetarian products are worth £664m and spending on green energy more than doubled in 2006 to £127 million.

PCS supports organisations such as No Sweat and Labour behind the Label that campaign against sweatshop labour. We also support the boycotts of Nestle and Coca-Cola.

Updated 23 Feb 2017

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