Nestle boycott

PCS endorses Baby Milk Action's boycott of Nestle because of the company's marketing of breastmilk substitutes in developing countries.

Breast milk costs nothing

While breast milk costs nothing baby milk is expensive and can cost more than half a family's income.

The World Health Organisation estimates that every year 1.5 million infants die because they are not breastfed.

Milk powder can lead to malnutrition

This is because in many countries the water mixed with baby milk powder is unsafe. It can also be difficult to keep bottles sterile and overdiluted baby milk can lead to malnutrition.

In Brazil and the USA  Nestle is the subject of two lawsuits because of the impact of its water bottling business (eg Perrier, Buxton, San Pellegrono) on the environment. Bottled water also diverts water from local people.

Nestle and child labour

And Nestle has recently been subject to a lawsuit brought by the International Labor Rights Fund on behalf of child labourers.

The company, along with two others, has been accused of involvement in the trafficking, torture and forced labour of children in Mali.

Nestle refuses to recognise union

In Colombia Nestle has refused to recogise a legally registered union and threatened  workers with redundncy if they didn't give up union membership.

The first Nestle boycott was launched in 1977. Nestle is now one of the most boycotted companies in the UK.

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Updated 23 Feb 2017

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