Just Transition and Energy Democracy: a civil service trade union perspective

New PCS pamphlet Just Transition and Energy Democracy: a civil service trade union perspective 

We urgently need to transition to a zero carbon economy but this doesn’t have to come at a price for workers and communities

This new pamphlet makes the case for a just transition and energy democracy from the perspective of a civil service trade union, based on public ownership and democratic control of energy that provides an opportunity to re-vision and rebuild our public services for people not profit.  

Moving motion A41 calling on PCS conference to formally adopt and widely promote the pamphlet, PCS NEC member Clara Paillard said that climate change is not about science or technology, but how we organise as a society. Therefore as a union we need to start seeing climate as part of our industrial agenda and ensuring working class people do not pay for the climate crisis.

PCS is developing a programme to distribute the pamphlet across the union, including holding meetings with reps and members to take forward its demands.  If you would like copies of the pamphlet, are interested in finding out more about how you can get involved in promoting and discussing these ideas, please contact Sam Mason sam@pcs.org.uk






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