Health, safety and welfare

PCS has around 1,300 accredited health and safety reps across civil service departments, related areas and in the commercial sector. Most groups in the union have health and safety structures in place, raising health and safety issues directly wiith employers and providing support within regions and areas. We provide health and safety training for reps and encourage all reps to complete the TUC health and safety stage one certificate.

At a national level, an NEC sub committee oversees the implemetion of conference policy, provide support and resources for our network of health and safety reps.

We support the National Hazards campaign and participate in various TUC health and safety bodies and intiatives.

We campaign for national agreements, model policies and time and resources for health and safety reps to carry out their duties outwith existing facility time arrangements. We also believe green and environmental reps should be recognised and given facilities to carry out their role and integrated into the health and safety inspection regime.

Ultimately, the best way to ensure workers are protected is to have a strong, well organised union and a network of union health and safety reps in every workplace. Workplaces that have union safety reps and joint safety committees have half the serious injury rate of those without.

For more information on becoming a health and safety rep speak to your branch or email

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