National Priorities

We are seeking agreement on national health, safety and welfare arrangements with the Cabinet Office.

PCS has written to the other trade unions who form the National Trade Union Committee (NTUC) to progress a national agenda on health, safety and welfare for the civil service, related bodies and privatised areas.

PCS will be submitting proposals to the Cabinet Office for a national framework agreement. Which is seeking:

  • A national union and civil service wide body to oversee the development of national policy, guidance and best practice.
  • Robust and methodical national accident reporting, risk assessing and inspection programme to ensure health and safety obligations are met by all employers.
  • Encouragement of employers to work with green and environmental reps to reduce the impact and risks of climate change and for green reps to be given official paid time and facilities to carry out their role.
  • A commitment that facilities for health and safety functions are separated from existing facility time and arrangements.
  • The establishment of joint trade union and management health and safety committees, where they don’t exist, in particular in each of the new government hubs.

Where employers work constructively with trade unions, risks are identified and hazards minimised. Trained up, supported and engaged health and safety reps are a valuable resource for every workplace.

We are hoping that our sister trade unions – FDA, Prospect, GMB, NIPSA and POA – will sign up to these five proposals before we submit this to the Cabinet Office. We will keep you updated with progress.

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