Health and safety campaigns

Your health, your safety and that of generations to come are in jeopardy. 

The UK government does not believe that workplaces are unsafe and that poor health and safety practices create ill health, near-misses, injuries and even death. Their spending cuts and deregulation agendas are harming us all. 

The NEC has agreed a plan of action against the attacks on reps' facility time including union health and safety reps.  Please contact your group for details.


Defending the HSE and H&S

Campaigning to save H&S and the HSE

To defend the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the UK's health and safety legal framework. PCS will:

  • Work with other unions and the TUC in building a robust defence of the health and safety of UK workers
  • Continue to campaign for adequate resources for the HSE
  • Improve the organisation of PCS H&S Reps
  • Monitor and challenge as appropriate the impact HSE's new Fee for Intervention charging regime
  • continue joint campaigning with other unions and health-and-safety specialists such as campaigning groups including the Hazards Campaign, Families Against Corporate Killers and the UK work-stress Network

Key actions and messages to share widely

Here are some key actions and messages to share widely with members, non-members, family, friends and the public: 

  1. The cuts are a huge risk to our health, safety and well-being - there is an alternative
  2. PCS members at HSE and PCS health and safety reps save lives, protect our health and our safety, and prevent more accidents and ill health
  3. Without safety reps, workplaces are 50% more dangerous to health, safety and well-being
  4. PCS believes that proactive inspections by the HSE regardless of the sector or workplace are essential to ensure employers comply with their legal duties and maintain workers' health, safety and well-being, good working practices and decent working standards
  5. Visit False Economy - the anti-cuts website supported by PCS - then add your own testimonies and find out about local campaigns. It is “for everyone who thinks the coalition is cutting too much, too fast and wants to do something about it”
  6. Undertake workplace inspections and follow-up results
  7. Review policies and seek to ensure managers use best practice on work-related stress, bullying and harassment, lone working, driving for and at work, and domestic abuse and violence
  8. Urge members to report all incidents of abuse, threat or violence, any near miss incidents, injuries and accidents. Follow-up these up with management to build better protective and preventative measures
  9. Recruit new members and H&S reps
  10. Link with union learning reps to have a ‘Good Health at Work Day’ and promote PCS’s health and safety and ‘the alternative’ messages.

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Workplace temperatures

PCS has long been supportive of workplace temperatures campaigns.

We continue to lobby alongside other trade unions and supportive organisations to highlight and tackle the problem of high and low temperatures at work.

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Hazards - We did not vote to die

Unions and the TUC, Hazards, and the Institute of Employment Rights are working together to combat the myths perpetuated in the media and by certain politicians who say that health and safety is a burden on business and that it has "gone mad". Such lies are damaging to the health and lives of millions of workers wherever they work - in offices, prisons or courts, or outdoors inspecting farms or working on our streets, coastlines or borders. 

A number of campaigning resources are available for reps to put up in their workplaces and to raise awareness to members and the general public that heath and safety is no joking matter. 

If you would like some posters for your workplace, email PCS -

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