Trade union education with PCS Academy

The PCS Academy aims to provide a comprehensive trade union education to all of our reps and active members. 
We have re-shaped our ‘core’ training, with an emphasis on educating our new reps in a ‘holistic’ way. The approach gives equal weight to campaigning, bargaining, and organising.
The academy aims for PCS reps to be trained;

  • to represent members, from the off, with a ‘collective’ mind-set 
  • to always be on the look-out for avenues to negotiate with the employer, for the benefit of all members, and 
  • to understand the central importance of communication with our members (including incorporation of new technologies) to winning.

PCS recognises that we must renew and develop a learning ‘culture’ throughout everything we do. We must recognise our mistakes as well as our successes, and learn from them. 

All those involved in the union, whether as reps, officers, full-time paid staff, or advocates have a role to play in educating not only members, but also non-member colleagues, friends, and family about how strong trade unions can transform the workplace, and wider society, for the better. 

Sign up today for PCS training in your region and join us on the road to building, growing and winning.

The full content of the PCS Academy Prospectus can be found online HERE, but for a pdf copy, please email 

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