National campaign courses

A series of brief training sessions have been developed to support work around the national campaign against the cuts.

Reps can attend any individual or a combination of the sessions that are relevant to them. Branches should prioritise reps attending the training where necessary.

Recruiting new members (1 day)

  • includes planning a recruitment campaign, how to map your workplace, how to use recruitment material, practice sessions, how to handle objections and action planning.

Campaigning (1 day)

  • Includes why we campaign, planning campaigns and campaigning techniques.

Media skills (1 day)

  • Includes practical skills when dealing with press, TV and radio.

Public speaking (1/2 day)

  • Helps to prepare and practice speaking at meetings and public events.

How to develop town/city committees (1 hour)

  • Building links with other PCS colleagues in other workplaces

Working with other unions and trades councils (1 hour)

  • Linking up with other local union reps through trades councils 

Working with community and voluntary sector organisations (1 hour)

  • Building links with the wider community

These may be combined to run as the Building links course (1/2 day)

Equality Act and equality impact assessments (1/2 day)

  • A brief overview of the recent legal changes and understanding of impact assessments.

Privatisation (1/2 day)

  • A brief introduction to privatisation and its detrimental effect on public services.

The Effective communications course combines most of these sessions together and may be run by your region/nation.

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