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Whether you are already a learning rep, thinking of becoming one or simply interested in what learning reps are all about, we hope you'll find something of interest on these pages.

Why learning reps?

The idea of a 'learning representative' was first promoted by the TUC in the late 1990s. Research shows that learning reps can have a significant impact in helping to create a culture of workplace learning.

Learning can help build the union's organisation - it can encourage members to take on a role in the union.

The DWP group found that nearly half of their learning reps were new to union activity.

Learning can bring many benefits to members.

For example, hundreds of PCS members every year have been getting ICT and literacy and numeracy qualifications at our learning centre in Victoria, central London and in the workplace learning centres in the North East.

It can bring benefits to the employer, and can be used to negotiate benefits for members.

The work of PCS learning reps was highlighted at the recent launch event for Government Skills, the sector skills council for central government. PCS ULRs in the Tax Collection Office in Preston persuaded management to set up a learning centre/suite in the office.

Management acknowledged that this has helped the business by raising performance and reducing sick absence.You can use these examples to persuade your employer to support the work of PCS learning reps.

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Guidance for ULRs on Collecting and Reporting Learning Information.doc

ULR Data Questionnaire

ULR Monthly activity form

ULR Learner Interview Form

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