Resources for ULRs

The resources on this page are intended to assist and support ULRs in providing learning information and opportunities to PCS members.

Whether you are a newly recruited ULR, looking to recruit more ULRs, or an experienced ULR looking for new ideas to promote and support learning, there are resources here to help you.

If there is something that you would like to see on these pages, or an idea you would like to share with us, please email us at

Available to Union Learning Reps - International Development Awareness Game

Now available is PCS’ very own international development awareness game. It provides an excellent opportunity to use an unconventional learning resource to increase members’ awareness of international issues.

The game, called ‘Global Endeavour’, uses a “snakes and ladders” format, and aims to increase member awareness of a number of international issues that PCS is concerned about and has policy on: tax justice, trade union rights, child labour and fair trade.

A copy of the game has been sent to Regional Learning Organisers in all regional offices and devolved areas and can be booked through them.

Global Endeavour is designed to be played by two teams of up to six people per team, and should take approximately 45 minutes to play. It could be an activity in a ‘learning at work’ event or held during a lunch-time, if refreshments were provided.

The playing of the game is an opportunity for non-PCS members to engage with the union and appreciate the benefits of union membership outside of the usual industrial agenda, so consider inviting non-members to participate.

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