Training for ULRs

Union learning representatives (ULRs) play a key role in helping members get access to high quality learning. PCS is keen to ensure that ULRs have access to proper training to carry out their role.

Each PCS region runs the ULR Stage 1 course, a five-day course which introduces the role of the ULR, describes the importance of learning and skills at work, and provides the tools and knowledge that enable ULRs to carry out their role successfully.

The course will help a ULR to:

  • Develop their skills and knowledge about the role of ULRs
  • Integrate learning and skills in wider union activities and structures
  • Promote the value of learning and skills within the workplace
  • Support members in managing their own learning
  • Build contacts within their own union and with external organisations
  • Collect and record information
  • Find out about Government policies and programmes for learning and skills.

Once the ULR has completed their ULR Nomination Form, they can contact the Regional Learning Service Officer for more information or visit the PCS trade union education pages.

The Employment Act 2002 entitles ULRs to be granted reasonable time off with pay to undertake the initial training and the relevant follow-on training in relation to specific aspects of their role (as confirmed in the ACAS Code of Practice).

Section 1: Time off for trade union duties

Union Learning Representatives: Employees who are members of an independent trade union recognised by the employer can take reasonable time off to undertake the duties of a Union Learning Representative, provided that the union has given notice in writing that the employee is a learning representative of the trade union and the training condition is met.

Contact your Regional Learning Organiser for more information. 

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