PCS national organising strategy 2018

Organising to build the union

In PCS we are proud to be an organising union. We have been committed to the organising agenda since our first National Organising Strategy in 2004. Our approach to organising stems from our purpose and is at the heart of our union’s identity. It is through our longstanding commitment to organising that we are able to exert power and influence and fight for our members and activists. However, we cannot stand still and have to evolve in order to build, grow and win.

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PCS has agreed ambitious objectives for the next three years:

1. Growth in membership: 200,000 members by 2020

2. Organising strength: increasing density, reps, and member participation

3. Financial objectives: budget surplus and £2m in the fighting fund by 2020

4. Key industrial objectives:

a. Breaching the 1% pay cap in the public sector; fair pay increases in the private sector

b. A properly-resourced public sector with job security agreements

c. Progress on national bargaining in the civil service, and on the right to unionise and be covered by collective bargaining in private sector organisations, founded on strong workplace organisation.

These objectives are unpinned by a consensus that we can only win on industrial issues if we build our union and grow our membership. This can be neatly summarised as; building, growing and winning. This National Organising Strategy sets out how we can meet these objectives by 2020.

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