What is a PCS Advocate?

PCS Advocates are members who actively support the union and want to get involved. It is the next step along for members interested in union activity. Your role as an advocate will be to help build the strength of the union where you work.

PCS is not just for emergencies, but about building a union culture and identity in every workplace. Members who want to become an advocate can meet with one of our reps or a full time officer to discuss the role, and will be provided with a handbook containing more details, tips and advice about what’s involved.

There’s a range of ways that advocates can help out, based on how much time you can give.

Making the union visible – as well as updating noticeboards you will receive materials and union images and use these to encourage other members to display at their workstations. Your role is to make it clear to new starters (and managers) that this is a place where the union is part of the workplace.

Workplace campaigns – your branch might want to find out what workers are concerned about where you work, and then take action. Advocates are crucial in helping distributing and collecting in surveys and encouraging members to sign petitions.

Monthly equality events – almost every month there’s a major equality event, whether that’s LGBT History Month, International Women’s Day or Black History Month. Advocates can help promote these by getting tailored materials and posters, run information events or invite speakers.

Social events – union culture isn’t just about tackling problems, but can also be less formal. Why not set up a game of rounder, organise a coffee morning or a pub quiz? Socials give members a chance to get to know each other in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

“I joined the union about two years ago when I first started work for the Department for Transport.  I’ve always gone to meetings and helped out when we’ve take action, but I wanted to get a bit more involved. In November I registered to be a union advocate. Sandra on the branch committee is my mentor. She looks out for me and encourages me and we agree what I’m going to be doing for the week. Last weekend I helped get signatures for our petition for fair pay and this week I’m handing out the branch newsletter.  It’s good.”  Paula, Department for Transport

You can register as a union advocate, or get more information, by:

  • completing our simple online form
  • contacting your local branch representatives and letting them know that you would like to be registered as a PCS advocate
  • contacting the PCS organising department at: organising@pcs.org.uk
  • speaking to one of our organisers on 020 7810 2691
  • contacting your PCS regional office who will register your interest

If you self-nominate we will notify your branch so they can get in touch.

Please give your membership number, name and up-to-date contact details if sending an email.

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