Performance management toolkit

Performance Management Systems (PMS) which may differ from department to department has been imposed across all government departments.

PMS is designed to link performance to pay in crude and relative terms. The Cabinet Office has stated that the 10% of staff in the “must improve” category will face possible dismissal if their performance doesn’t reach the required standard.  The government's own analysis of box markings, however, shows that performance management year after year discriminates against workers who are part time, disabled, women or black/bme.

These pages give reps and members advice and guidance for dealing with performance management, particularly in circumstances where low box markings are forced on individual members.

In order to challenge PMS we need to ensure:

  • Every member is informed, understands the system and feels confident to assert their rights throughout the process.
  • That bad practise, short cuts and poor management standards are robustly challenged in every instance.
  • Performance management affects everyone but we know it is discriminatory.  As union members we tackle unfairness and inequality by working together to erase this.
  • PCS members are actively involved in the campaign to break the link between performance and pay and to end discriminatory performance management.

Read the 10-point checklist for members.

Read our guide for line managers.

Updated 24 July 2017

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