Personal Case and Legal Support

PCS provides a range of support, legal and personal, to all its members.

In some cases, we can extend that support to members of your family and also to areas outside of the workplace. These pages explain the extent of PCS personal and legal support.

Read about our full range of legal and personal case services.

There are five main areas of legal and personal case support we offer:

Employment advice and support

Advice and support on issues arising out of the member’s employment (including dismissal) is available to all PCS members.

Your first point of contact should be your local PCS representative. Our guide for members shows how the system operates and what to do if you are unsure of who your local rep is.

In any case where there is a potential claim to an Employment Tribunal, strict legal time limits apply and it is important, therefore, that you raise the issue with your local representative without delay.  If, for any reason, your local representative is not available, you should contact your PCS Branch Secretary.

For most employment law issues, a claim has to be commenced within three months of the date of the act being complained of. Although in the majority of cases, the internal grievance or appeal process must also be used, the time limit is NOT delayed while you go through this. It is your personal responsibility to ensure that any legal time limits are complied with.

Before the majority of claims can be submitted to the ET, it is necessary for the ACAS Early Conciliation process to have been completed and a certificate issued. This has to be started within 3 months of the date of the act being complained of.  Details of this can be found on the ACAS website.

PCS aims to provide local support to members and their local reps, where necessary, have access to more experienced support and advice, including, in appropriate cases, professional and/or legal advice.  In certain cases, PCS will offer legal representation at tribunal hearings.

We can only support members themselves in disputes with their employer and cannot extend this to partners or dependents. Nor can we support disputes with a second employer, not recognised for PCS membership.

Personal injury claims

The PCS Personal Injury Scheme covers members and their partners who have an accident or suffer injury or ill health or experience medical negligence within the UK.  The Scheme offers the services of a specialist personal injury lawyer to assess the merits and value of your case and, if appropriate, to take your case through to an acceptable settlement.

The Scheme can also assist where someone covered by the scheme is injured in circumstances enabling them to make a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme.

Find out more on the PCS Personal Injury Service.

General legal advice

For any legal matter, except personal injury or employment law matters, members can call our 24-hour legal advice line, operated by Slater & Gordon Lawyers. Call 0800 916 9066.

Free will service

PCS, through our solicitors, can offer you a free will service - provided the arrangements are straightforward. More complex arrangements can be put in place, at a reduced cost. Complete your will questionnaire online


PCS has arranged exclusively priced conveyancing for members, through BBH Legal Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thompsons solicitors, who have offices in most major cities in England, Scotland and Wales.

Call 0151 326 2152 for more details. Remember to mention that you are a PCS member.

In Scotland, please call 0800 089 1331.

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