Legal advice from Thompsons solicitors

PCS publishes this anonymised legal advice from Thompsons solicitors on a range of subjects.

PCS representatives can access this information to help them progress personal cases.

Use this advice before contacting the legal team

Reps should look at the advice set out here before contacting headquarters for more specific advice. The extracts may also be helpful when deciding what questions to put to the full-time officer where more detailed advice is needed.

Advice is not a full statement of the law

The advice has been extracted from real cases involving PCS members, anonymised to protect individuals. Some details may therefore have been changed or omitted.

It is important to understand that the advice selected is not a full statement of the law nor can it be regarded as definitive. This is because each case will depend on its own facts and circumstances.

Case law is constantly changing

Bear in mind also that case-law is constantly evolving. Cases referred to on the web site may not be the latest legal position.

With these health warnings in mind, however, it is hoped that the extracts will provide reps with a good starting point as to what the legal advice is likely to be in a given case.

This advice covers the following topics:

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