Civil Service Pensions Injury Benefits (CSPIBS) scheme

The PCS Support Centre receives a number of enquiries about the Civil Service Injury Benefit Scheme (CSIBS), which was formerly covered by Section 11 of the PCSPS.

The CSIBS scheme provides benefits to members who suffer reduced earning capacity as a result of injury at work suffered in the course of official duty.

It is a 'no fault' scheme and entitlement to benefits does not mean that a member necessarily has a personal injury compensation claim that is likely to succeed.

It should also be noted that if a member does successfully pursue a claim for compensation against the employer and is in receipt of these injury benefits, they have to be repaid upon settlement of the personal injury claim.

There are a number of stringent criteria that have to be met before benefits are awarded. To be eligible for cover the member must have a qualifying injury and their earnings capacity impaired as a result of the injury.

Members wishing to apply for these injury benefits are advised to contact their department/agency's superannuation section in the first instance.

Further information on the CSIBS including the rules of the scheme in full are available at the civil service pensions web site.

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