Medical negligence claims

PCS offers legal assistance to members and their families injured as a result of negligent medical treatment.

This legal assistance is provided through the law firm Ashtons Legal.

This firm has a dedicated team of highly specialised sympathetic lawyers who provide advice, support and legal representation, who pride themselves on being approachable and treating each client individually, in a sensitive, friendly and caring manner.

From the outset, they aim to explain the claims process in plain language free of medical and legal jargon.

Members get realistic honest advice from a lawyer who will act quickly and decisively to achieve the best possible outcome.

They work very closely with experienced medical experts to investigate whether there is a claim that gives rise to compensation and are committed to ensuring that victims of medical accidents obtain fair and proper redress.

Track record

Ashtons Legal have made successful compensation claims in relation to virtually every aspect of medical treatment (negligently performed) where patients have suffered injury.

From their extensive experience of representing clients, Ashtons Legal understand that it is not just about compensation, that clients often need answers and for the reassurance that this dreadful occurrence will not happen again to somebody else.

That is why Ashtons Legal strive, wherever possible, to use the legal process as a way to apply pressure to bring about improvements in care.

More help

Ashtons Legal also try to help with the practical steps needed to help the client recover as much quality of life as possible, as quickly as possible, because they know from long experience that when it comes to recovery, it is not just about winning compensation.

They have links with a number of organisations and charities who can offer support to those injured or their relatives.

Whatever the circumstances, Ashtons Legal will do their utmost to help every client achieve what they need from their claim and support them throughout the process.

Ashtons Legal also advise and represent families at inquests and through the NHS complaints process.

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