Getting more involved in PCS

By joining PCS you already have access to a range of benefits in your day to day life – from protection and representation in your workplace; financial discounts and a credit union, through to opportunities to take part in lifelong learning.

However, PCS membership is not something passive. It is not just an insurance policy activated in times of need, or a means of having someone come in and negotiate on your behalf.

The real power of your membership comes from being able to take part in your union, and building our strength to make even bigger gains, on your pay, your terms and conditions, the length of your working day, or whatever issue is most important to you.

To win those demands though, we need a strong, vibrant union, where members feel confident that when we speak out and take action no member does it alone, but we do it with all of our colleagues standing shoulder to shoulder, knowing that we can win.

This section of the website tells you about some of the ways you can get involved in your union. Every member of PCS has a role to play in the union, at whatever level, depending on how much time and commitment you can make: whether you’re an active member, want to sign up as a PCS Advocate or take on formal training to become a PCS rep we want to hear from you.

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