South East ARMs (Associate and Retired Members)

ARMs South East (Associate and Retired Members)

PCS members can continue to enjoy the benefits of membership at a reduced subscription rate as an associate and retired member. PCS associate and retired membership (ARMs) offers a voice, services and information for members of the union who have retired, been made redundant or moved on to a role where PCS doesn't operate.

The range of membership services which PCS provides for ARMs members includes:

  • Legal assistance and advice
  • Free will service
  • Professional advice service
  • Financial services
  • Helplines for legal, medical, debt, domestic violence and breast cancer advice
  • Holiday and travel club
  • Shopping discounts
  • Copies of the ARMs newsletter
  • Assistance through the PCS benevolent fund.

If you are a PCS member nearing retirement or about to leave, our advice would be to stay in your union and do not allow yourself to be isolated and unable to be part of a strong collective voice on the issues that affect and matter to you. You can find out more information about ARMs in the South East by contacting the Secretary, Eric Shadick, or any of the committee members shown below.

Secretary Eric Shadick

Chair Richard Kelsall

Treasurer Amber Vincent-Prior

David Bales

Gerry Irvine

Peter Knight

Les Mondrey

Alan Price

June Smith


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