Stand Up to Racism conference

It was enlightening to hear from so many SUTR supporters/powerful speakers from around the globe – Poland; Ukraine; Greece, Denmark and Norway to name but a few. I found it gratifying that no matter which way racism attempts to raise its unwelcome presence – that there is always enough supporters against it to take it off the boil. Those at conference are not deluded into believing that racism will be quenched overnight. It’s an accepted social construct used to divide and abuse various groups of people – whether they be people of colour; disabled or LGBTQ+.

Tears welled up in my eyes hearing from the gentleman who is facing a 20-year jail sentence for rescuing refugees. How inhumane have we become because we no longer see those people as our brothers and sisters but as “refugees” and “insurgents”? We have allowed the media to make us ‘doze off’ to the reality of the plight of these people. We no longer ask ourselves “who in their right mind would put themselves through that endangerment if being on land wasn’t worse.” 

Call me biased but for me, the trade unionist speakers spoke with passion and drove home the points as to what we need and be prepared to do to help stamp out racism. Too often we allow racist remarks to slide around us at the workplace or our social circles. General secretary Mark Serwotka roused the crowd illustrating the reasons why PCS supports the SUTR movement ensuring 10 delegates attended. 


Herma Hughes, Midlands regional representative on the national black members’ committee.

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