Status report on PCS discussions with Aviation employers

20 Apr 2020

With the many different employers in the aviation group, coordinating our efforts and allocating resources is not easy, but our lay representatives and full time officers have been working hard to ensure that all areas of the group are protected.  The following summarises the situation for most our bargaining units.

The government’s 80% funding scheme for employees is in place till end of May.  Most of our employers are using that scheme to furlough staff for a period, save money for the return of business, and ensure the employees will be there when needed.  There are some variations in the specific agreements, but for the most part we expect this situation to remain relatively static until end of May at which point fresh negotiations will be needed, and the task of protecting our members interests will be pursued with renewed vigour.

ANS - The furlough agreement will run until the government JRS comes to an end and the TU can actively discuss ways forward.  Planning for staff recency has also been of concern, but ANS have actively engaged in all discussions around role security.

BAATL - 6 of 7 PCS grades on furlough.  In discussion with management on several issues of contention: a level of underpin for lower paid workers, topping up of salary for the lower paid, and payment of 2020 staff progression increments.

GAL - As many staff as possible placed on furlough, but consultation with the employer are ongoing regarding their early termination of staff, I.e. before the government scheme was known about and in place.  We are working in collaboration with other union colleagues for a viable solution that may encompass the reinstatement of those staff.  Responses to the offer of voluntary severance are being dealt with

HAL - precise numbers of those being furloughed are still being worked through.  Heathrow notes that it’s business will take an extensive period to recover, and to what level is not currently known, so discussions about staff numbers are still in flux.  On a positive note, the employer has opted to pay full salaries for lower paid grades.

NATS - PCS has worked alongside our other union colleagues within NATS and the results have been positive for members. We have agreed market leading furlough terms in the last two weeks as well as offering pragmatic cost savings to the business.

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