The menopause: what this means for our members

DWP staff are now over 70% female and over 80% of those employees will struggle with experiencing menopause. A TUC survey found that 90% of respondents felt that menopause affected their working life.
If you are not being treated fairly talk to your local PCS rep and they will challenge this treatment to ensure your rights and your dignity.

Your Rights

An employment tribunal case in Scotland ruled that disability discrimination had taken place when an employee was dismissed for reasons relating to her experience of the menopause. It was accepted that the menopause did come within the definition of a disability in the Equality Act 2010.

  • You have a right as an employee not to be discriminated against because of menopausal symptoms.
  • You have a right as an employee to have reasonable adjustments to support your experience of the menopause

Your Union

PCS is campaigning for greater recognition of issues around menopause. We are working on many forums to advocate for awareness on menopause, including policy change, training, toolkits and representation. If you are experiencing difficulties:

PCS encourages women experiencing the menopause to know they have support and power from our representation. No matter how hard it is to talk about the difficulties, we aim to be available to help you access your rights.
Your dignity

There are benefits for employers in taking a more proactive approach towards the menopause. By fostering safer and fairer workplaces for women working through the menopause, employers are more likely to retain the skills and talents of experienced and skilled workers and benefit from increased morale and wellbeing among staff.

PCS will actively raise the equality issues linked to the menopause with employers and press for workplace cultures that foster an atmosphere of fairness, dignity and respect.

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