The MEP pay deal – sign up to get involved in your workplace

PCS union members in MoJ voted resoundingly to reject the MEP with 93% voting to oppose the 2018-22 modernising employment proposition deal on a 74% turnout.

During July and August we held meetings in over a hundred locations, and over a thousand new members joined PCS.

Dozens of new PCS members have come forward expressing interest in getting actively involved in the union for the first time.

We need to continue to build on the strong feeling that has grown in MoJ over the summer, and to strengthen the union for the campaigns ahead (on pay, HMCTS Reform, closures, and other issues).

We are therefore running a series of regional 2-hour training and planning sessions to develop local strategies across PCS in MoJ. If you want to find out more about getting involved in the union, or are already getting involved but want to network with other interested members locally, please complete this form, and opt for a training session near you. You can claim your travel and subsistence costs.

Advocating for equality of opportunity is a key aspect of what we do at PCS. However, we recognise that unintended barriers can restrict our members’ involvement in their union. We undertake equality monitoring so that we can identify any patterns of under-representation and take appropriate steps to remedy them. The information you provide will be processed securely and treated as confidential in compliance with data protection law EU General Data Protection (No.2016/679). Read the PCS privacy notice

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