The need to secure aviation jobs for the future

21 May 2020

In PCS, we have prided ourselves on looking after the long term interests of our members, bearing in mind the threats we face from automation, climate change and of course the covid crisis. Simply defending our members against individual employers current round of attacks isn’t enough, we also need to work on long-term job security.

As the UK makes tentative steps towards emerging from the pandemic, the future of the aviation industry is a question on many lips, in many media articles and discussed at numerous events.  There is a growing call for the impact of aviation on the climate to be factored into what the post-covid industry looks like. While PCS supports that call whole-heartedly, as a trade union our responsibility is to ensure that the jobs dimension is a critical part of that debate, and – as demonstrated with our parliamentary briefing a fortnight ago – reaches the ears of the government.

In the meantime, we are participating in, and helping to shape, those debates about the future of our industry, and how that fits into a vision of a different social and economic model to the one that has caused such hardship to so many. 

On 12 May, our group president Tahir Latif was a member of a panel on Just Transition organised by Labour for a Green New Deal, and you can read his contribution.  A link to the whole event should be made available at some point.  

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