TUC Black Workers' Conference 2019 Registration Form

Apply for a place on the TUC Black Workers' Conference 2019 which runs from 12-14 April. The deadline for applications is noon on Thursday, 28 February, 2019.  

If you have further questions or need help in completing this form please email equality@pcs.org.uk

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For information on how PCS uses your data, please see our privacy policy.

Data monitoring

In PCS we monitor our members on the grounds of gender identity, ethnicity, disability, age, and sexual orientation.  This data is held in confidence and securely on our membership system and helps us to assess whether we are delivering union benefits and services, on an equal basis. The information that you supply on this form will be used to update or check your personal membership records which only you can view and access using your membership number through the PCS website.


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