TUC Women’s Conference

The TUC Women’s Conference took place on 6-8 March 2019 at Congress House. The PCS delegation consisted of Zita Holbourne, Karen Watts, Bridget Corcoran, Ruth Henderson, Carol Revell and Karen Foster.

Attitudes and speakers were agreed and clarified at the delegation meeting. All motions would be supported including both emergency motions.

Unite seconded the PCS motion on civil service pay and Equity seconded the PCS motion on mental health.

The PCS delegation spoke in the following debates:

Motion 1 – Collective bargaining
Zita Holbourne seconded

Motion 3 – Hidden cost of the gender pay gap
Ruth Henderson seconded

Motion 4 – Civil Service Pay
Zita Holbourne moved

Composite 1 – Period Poverty
Karen Foster in support

Motion 17 – Universal Credit
Carol Revell in support

Motion 20 – Brazil and women fighting the far right
Zita Holbourne in support

Emergency Motion 1 – Zimbabwe
Zita Holbourne seconded 

Motion 22 – Sexual harassment at work
Karen Watts in support

Motion 25 – Mandatory training on sexual harassment
Ruth Henderson in support

Motion 33 – Mental Health
Bridget Corcoran moved

Motion 34 – Perinatal mental health
Ruth Henderson in support

Guest speakers at the conference were all well received. In particular, Mark Serwotka as TUC President was especially appreciated as many delegates approached our delegation to say how much they enjoyed Mark’s address.

Other speakers included TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady, TUC Women’s chair Sunjata Patel, STUC Women’s Chair Joyce Stevenson, Scarlett Harris, Dawn Butler MP and Mandy La Combre

The delegation updated social media throughout the conference. 

In terms of the elections, most categories were elected unopposed. Zita Holbourne was elected to the TUC Women’s Committee unopposed. There was an election for the LGBT category where Bridget Corcoran was standing for PCS. Bridget was comfortably elected and is now on the TUC Women’s Committee with Zita Holbourne. 

The motion voted to go to congress was composite 1 on period poverty. The PCS delegation voted for our own motion on civil service pay.

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