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PCS runs the ‘Defining Skills in Wales’ project, which is supported by the Wales Union Learning Fund (WULF), launched by the Welsh Government in 1999 to encourage and support learning in the workplace. WULF recognises the important role of trades unions working in partnership with employers, to improve the skills of the workforce.

'Defining Skills in Wales' is now in its second year, and the project team continues to work with employers, Union Learning Reps (ULRs), learning providers and other parties across Wales to deliver positive and measurable changes to workers' lives during what has become a difficult and challenging time.

In an effort to build on the good work that has already been done and continues to be done, the project team is always available to meet with representatives, and their managers.

The project goes above and beyond the remit of previous projects in terms of the type of support it can provide members, while continuing to offer essential skills support for those who need and deserve that support.

The project team, based in Cardiff, has made a firm commitment to be available and provide support for Branches, ULR’s, Branch Learning Co-ordinators (BLCs) and members across the whole of Wales.

Aims of the project:

The project will aim to address the employability skills of the public sector workforce in Wales, who are at risk of redundancy and or re-deployment, and through working with employers and Union Learning Representatives (ULRs) will provide staff with the necessary support, knowledge and mechanisms to meet the challenges they face over the forthcoming years.

Objectives of the project:

  • To up-skill public sector workers in Wales working in an increasingly insecure employment environment
  • To improve access to learning opportunities and mobility for staff by:
    • Working collaboratively with willing employers on a shared skills agenda
    • To combine resources to target all available resources for retraining
    • To assess current skills levels and develop required skills
    • To provide a wide range of vocational and generic courses
  • To develop a employee support package to include generic and soft skills, job search skills and essential skills:
  • To deliver programmes that improve employability skills and career progression:
    • To work with employers and the SSC to identify opportunities for skills acquisition and accreditation through the Government Skills Strategy in areas such as workforce planning, retention and re-deployment
    • To work with ‘Learning for Work’ within the four areas; Working with People, Developing Writing Skills, Improving Communication and Developing Essential Skills.

Measurable Targets:

  • Undertake 500 Skills Assessments
  • Establish 10 workplace skills fora involving ULRs and Managers
  • Undertake 30 workplace skills surveys
  • Deliver training for 300 people in generic vocational skills such as effective customer care, effective team working, team leadership, presentation skills, effective communication
  • Deliver 40 Welsh Language courses
  • Provide written communication courses such as improving form filling, writing letters at work, memos and messages, writing better reports in line with accreditation within the essential skills framework
  • Deliver 20 workplace employability skills workshops in partnership with Careers Wales
  • Raise awareness of React, union learning and other forms of support for those under threat
  • Increase by 20 the number of ULRs in Wales, with an aim of a minimum of 1 per workplace location
  • Increase by 10 the number of Branch Learning Coordinators
  • Provide learning opportunities to 500 employees either needing to re-skill to stay in the civil service or being made redundant
  • Continue the work of Women’s Development,  providing 100 learning opportunities for women across Wales
  • Improve communication skills for 75 employees 
  • Develop 100 essential skills taster and short courses in ICT for employees
  • Host 20 workplace events for employees wishing to re-skill for new employment or redeployment.

There is a regular newsletter on the progress of the WULF project.

WULF project contacts:

Steve Donoghue – WULF Project Officer
Tel: 07929 030164 

Jayne Smith – WULF Project Manager
Tel: 02920 666363

PCS Wales, 2nd Floor, Transport House, 1 Cathedral Road, Cardiff CF11 9SD

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