Young Members Network

The PCS Wales Young Members Network aims to ensure that young PCS members (aged 27 or under) are represented and have their voices heard.

We get together regularly to discuss issues that members are facing and the role we can play in resolving them; Plan social events to bring more members together and network; Take part in community projects; Encourage union growth; And supports the PCS equality networks.

What are we doing in 2018?

· Campaigns

The Young Members Network is taking part in PCS campaigns supporting the end to the pay cap, calling for a rise of at least 5% for our members. Young Members across the UK are also supporting members of fellow unions in their campaigns, such as the UCU campaign which is fighting against unfair cuts to the pension schemes of university lecturers.

· Community Projects

In our last meeting, the Young Members decided to support the Red Box project which aims to end #PeriodPoverty in schools. Red Box collect donations of sanitary items or money to purchase items that can be distributed to girls in education who may find themselves unable to afford these necessary items. We aim to start a collection in most branches very shortly.

· Apprentices

In many of Wales offices, including Welsh Government, DVLA and HMRC, a large number of apprentices have been recruited. We aim to ensure that apprentices are given the same level of representation as their colleagues. If you know any apprentice workers, check if they’re a member. If they are not they will be entitled to 6 months free* PCS membership. There is no better time to encourage them to join the union!

· Social Events

The Young Members in Wales hold social events throughout the year to encourage networking and to show that the union is about more than campaigns and stalls.  Recently the Wales Convenors (your Young Member Committee representatives) have hosted a quiz social raising money for the PCS Fighting Fund, and have also ran a Retro Videogames Evening with free pizza for attendees! Look out for more information on our Facebook page.

· Get Involved

This is your union and we want you to get involved. If you are aged 27 or under and would like to get involved, please contact the PCS Wales Young Member Organiser Nathan Edgeworth by email and follow the Facebook page. We currently have vacancies for West, Mid and North Wales.  No experience is needed to join in.

*Free membership applies if you have not already had the benefit of free PCS membership.

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